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Real estate has been my passion since I was a child of 8 or 9 years of age. I can remember looking through my father’s MLS listings (very small half-page listings that were all in black and white), taking in all the information and being amazed at what I learned. I became licensed at the early age of 18 and was off on my career.

I was married in 1981. My wife and I have two daughters who have been married to wonderful men and each have three children. Six grandchildren under the age of ten keep us busy.

Something more than a “hobby” is the time we spend in Haiti. I first went to Haiti in 2003 and several times since then. Our son-in-law’s are Haitian nationals and I am also the director of Life For Haiti, a small 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Even though we are very small, we have shipped more than 14 trucks and vehicles to Haiti over the past nine years. I love helping the Haitian people.

As a “born again” Christian I am also involved in the local church I attend and enjoy teaching a Sunday School class. From time to time I have the privilege to teach on finances at my church and other churches. Having a good financial plan is paramount to one’s future.

Classic cars have always been a big draw for me especially those from the fifties to early seventies and I know them all. My first car at age 15 was a 1949 Plymouth that I purchased for $100.00. A Barrett-Jackson Auction is something worth attending if you are a car enthusiast.

I am blessed to have helped so many first-time home buyers who later became sellers and then a buyer again. For many of them, this repeated several times not to mention selling their children homes too.

My clients have stayed with me not just because of my real estate experience and knowledge but because they know and have experienced for themselves that “Ross is available to help even after the closing”! I take pride in knowing buyers and sellers not only use my services over and over, but they also refer me to their family and friends anytime real estate is mentioned. They think of me immediately and that’s one of the highest compliments anyone can received.

I look forward to meeting you. I offer a no-obligation consultation where we will see if we have like interests in helping you achieve the real estate goals you have.

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